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Touch Your Toes and That’s It?  

Heck no!

Think about why do you do yoga?  Perhaps you do yoga to —

  • Feel better
  • Move easier
  • Build strength
  • Create flexibility
  • Shape your body

Consider if your yoga practice also helped you to be more —

  • peaceful
  • loving
  • grounded
  • wise
  • genuine
  • resilient
  • insightful
  • tolerant

B.K.S. Iyengar says,  If you think that learning to touch your toes or even stand on your head is the whole of yoga, you have missed most of its bounty, most of its blessings, and most of its beauty. 

How do you get that bounty, blessings and beauty?  You need

Stretches for Your Mind & Soul

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This a total aside, but I remember Mel Brooks playing Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with the 15 10 commandments.   For a laugh watch here.   (a bonus free gift for coming to this page!)  An excerpt from History of the World Part 1 –

Now, there are 10 yoga principles too.  And only ever 10, as far as I know!

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