Why nilambu Yoga?

Hello, there!

So, imagine…

moving your body easily, feeling more present and awake, enjoying more strength and agility in your body and your life.

Right now, you are…

successful, thrive on knowledge and enjoy your accomplishments.  You’re driven and used to being able to make things happen, but you feel overworked, are not sleeping particularly well and feel you lack focus to do all you want.  You barely have the energy to squeeze in exercise.  Your schedule is full and you’ve no interest in hippy dippy talk or wasting your time.   You’re curious about yoga.  Maybe your doctor suggested it, a friend you admire practices or you’ve read about it. You’ve tried a class but it just didn’t feel quite right.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to…

  • feel more ease
  • increase awareness of your body
  • take heart in the safety of personalized attention
  • receive adaptations so you can access the benefits of yoga
  • have a repertoire of poses to draw on to help yourself
  • know some of the funny stories and myths behind the names of the poses
  • master a vibrant yoga practice
  • listen to simmering jazz while you practice
  • have an understanding of all the other aspects of yoga

I teach busy DC folks how to be more flexible,
build more strength and relax in their bodies
so that they can
achieve more, be more and enjoy more

We would be the right fit if

  • You are looking for yoga that is accessible and effective, down to earth and real
  • You experience pain or discomfort in your body and want to explore if yoga can provide relief
  • You want a teacher who is knowledgeable, experienced and knows how to adapt yoga to you


Mahatma Gandhi said Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Not make the change, but be the change.

Yoga can open that path from making to being.   So that life can feel more effortless.

Many ideas never get started because of the fear they can’t be implemented.  And many bodies are neglected because of the fear that the ideal can never be achieved.

To that I say, ban those nattering nabobs of negativity!   At least treat your body with more affection than the Nixon Administration had for the press corp!  (yeah, I’m in DC and just can’t resist throwing in some political history.)

nilambu means blue water in Sanskrit.

In French the word for the sea (la mer) and the word for mother (la mere) is a homonym.   I love that!   Yoga is a mothering sea!

Yoga for me feels like floating in a sea – nourishing and nurturing.  The ocean is where life originated.  Yoga is a wellspring for new life.

And yoga is the best way I know to take care of yourself.

Befriend yourself, right now