I am pleased to offer

private yoga sessions
nilambu notes :: stretches for your mind and soul
How to Give Yourself a Love Rub ebook

private yoga sessions

I offer solo yoga sessions tailored to your needs and wishes.

I promise to

  • listen to your goals and concerns
  • support you when needed, with adaptations, adjustment or props
  • challenge you so you can grow
  • show you the dance between a loose yet firm hold
  • provide a soothing and streamlined service

I guarantee

  • sessions that start and end on time
  • complete and absolute discretion
  • an impeccably appointed studio space
  • relaxing, enthusiastic and fun atmosphere

The personalized care I offer will bring better consideration and focus to your yoga practice.  This personal time is a great way to boost your practice or to hone in on a particular challenge.

My clients develop their own knowledge so that the benefits of yoga are accessible and available at any time.  That’s really important to me.

Nothing beats the understanding of yoga that comes on the mat – from just doing yoga.   Please come and try it out.   I’d welcome you!

Before your first nilambu solo session

Prior to your first session, we investigate your goals, interests, needs and concerns.   Once you book your first session, I will email you a short questionnaire to get a handle on all of that.   We re-evaluate every two months.   My clients tend to stick around, and periodic reviews ensure the practice and learning is kept fresh and on track.

After each nilambu solo session

I follow up with an emailed rundown of the yoga asanas (poses) covered, what awareness is noted and a suggestions for practice off the mat.   This take home sheet enables clients to investigate further on their own through other resources on their own time.  (I know Washingtonian are over-achievers and like things in writing!)

nilambu notes :: stretches for your mind & soul

We offer free weekly nilambu notes :: stretches for your mind and soul every Sunday morning to curl up with your coffee or tea.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to use yoga to improve other aspects of your life and

  • keep in the know about the latest, greatest, trendiest, craziest, growing yoga world
  • deepen your knowledge about what you do on the mat and why you do it
  • learn more about the history and philosophy behind yoga. There’s lots!

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How to Give Yourself a Love Rub (it’s not what you think) Ebook
Coming soon

I’ve got a great ebook about a subject I care greatly about!

In this ebook you will learn first of all – What Does Massage Got To Do With Yoga & Why Do It?

Then I cover —

  • What is Abhyanga and What Does It Mean?
  • Reasons to Make This a Ritual
  • The Necessary Supplies and Where to Get Them
  • When to Self Massage
  • 7 Steps to Prepare
  • How to Move Your Hands
  • The 12 Gestures of Self Massage
  • Post-Massage Restoration
  • A Few Precautions
  • Helpful Resources

Available December 1st, 2013.   It would make a loving holiday gift for another or for yourself!