Thank you so much for your interest in nilambu yoga!  I’m so excited to meet you!

Step one is to book your first session, which you can do at the link.

Then, we will send you a preliminary questionnaire that will help us tailor your yoga session to your needs and desires.

Etiquette is an expression of one of the essential guidelines for how we treat ourselves and others.   Ahimsa means non-harming or nonviolence.

Put in the affirmative ::

Be kind

to yourself, to me and to my other clients by following these guidelines

  • arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before and no later than 5 minutes after your appointment time
  • wear comfortable clothing that enable you to move (including perhaps upside down).  There is a guest bathroom where you can change clothes
  • yoga is practice barefoot, so remove your shoes upon entering
  • turn off your mobile phone
  • a yoga mat is provided for you, but if you prefer to practice on your own mat, feel free to bring your own
  • if you sweat easily and often, bring a hand towel
  • no chewing gum or food.   In fact, it’s recommended that you not eat for an hour or two before practice
  • advise me of any concerns, pains or discomfort

Your practice time is a sacred place where you can take refuge.   Please honor this time for yourself by following these guidelines for the best experience possible!

A final note:  you captain this ship.   If you are unsure about anything – please ask.   If you feel pain or discomfort, tell me!   I’m here to challenge and support you.   Often times you can get the benefits of a pose with a minor adjustment.

Most important of all is to enjoy and have fun in this exciting journey.    I look forward to offering you support and navigation into the wonderful world of yoga!

Welcome to nilambu : a personal yoga studio.