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You & Me

Are you set to sail on your yoga voyage?

It’ll be an adventure, and I encourage you to approach your yoga journey as just that – an exciting exploration!

Have lots of curiosity and be ready to have fun and eventually yoga can change your life.

Here’s all you need to get started right away!

Why nilambu yoga

I teach busy DC folks how to be more flexible, build more strength and relax in their bodies so that they can achieve more, be more and enjoy more.    My goal is to help you befriend yourself.  And to create ease.   Find out more here.  


We offer private yoga sessions in the West End of DC.   We also create nilambu notes :: stretches for your mind & soul every Sunday morning to curl up with your coffee or tea.   And our new ebook – How to Give Yourself a Love Rub (it’s not what you think) will be out very soon!    Learn more about these offerings here.   


Coming soon!

Our Studio

We have a brand new beautiful space in the West End of Washington, DC.    Check it out here.  


What do you need to know before you come for your first solo session?   Just a few things.    Please read here.