Yoga Journal Review of May/June 2004 Issue

This issue is chock full of good infrmation and very worth 5 bucks.

Of note:

  1. Bringing Balance Home by Cyndi Lee (page 85). Cyndi Lee is the founder of OM Yoga Center, where I did 200 hours of teacher training study. Her prescription is, as always, excellent.
  2. Positive I.D. by Nora Isaacs (page 106) Improved body image is an important benefit of yoga not often recognized. Makes mention of Om Yoga Center too.
  3. Living Yoga by Judith Hanson Lasater (page 143). Ms. Lasater is a wise woman and trained me to teach restorative yoga.
  4. Heroes, Saints and Sages by Colleen Morton Busch (page 120). Read for fun and learn the myths and legends behind the names.
  5. For Beginners: Bridge Pose by Claudia Cummins (page 56). A great all around pose with excellent pictures and instructions.

Roger Cole and Gary Kraftsow are both very knowledgeable and reputable. Their contributions to this issue are well worth your time as well.