What is nilambu yoga?

nilambu is a place where yoga is enlivening and therapeutic. nilambu’s mission is to provide a place that makes the full practice of yoga fun, nuanced and rewarding for all – young & old, disabled & able, strong & frail, clumsy & coordinated, neophytes & old hands.

A personal studio located on the western edge of Georgetown, nilambu serves as your guide to help you explore yoga in all its facets – physical, mental and spiritual. For a vigorous practice, yoga is offered in the vinyasa style, in which the breath is harmonized with the poses. nilambu also addresses special health challenges with restorative yoga. With tailored teaching, sessions encompass physical postures (asanas) as well as control of the life force or breath (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana).

nilambu classes are very personal to ensure close attention and support. nilambu limits classes to no more than 4 clients. nilambu offers private or semi-private sessions and special weekend intensives as well.

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