What Are nilambu notes?

Welcome to the first edition of nilambu notes! Cass Metzger, RYT, writes this monthly e-newsletter to deepen your understanding of your physical yoga practice. This premier issue also introduces and announces the opening of nilambu: a personal yoga studio in Washington DC. I want to share my new enterprise with all of you, and I hope that you will forward this news along to your friends (especially those who live in the DC area).

Why read a newsletter on yoga? For those who haven’t yet experienced the benefits of yoga, maybe this news will tempt you to try. (To find a registered teacher in your area click here For those of you who already practice yoga, you know the experience on the mat is very important and an essential prerequisite. No book knowledge can substitute for the sensations of actual experience on your mat.

Yet many don’t have the time to investigate yoga beyond the physical practice. Yoga philosophy clearly delineates the difference between intellectual knowledge and experiential knowledge. But the immeasurable riches behind and beyond the physical practice of yoga are not widely known.

What elements of yoga will nilambu notes address? nilambu notes will expand your mind to connect with how your body extends on the mat. Only by fostering flexibility of the body, mind and soul will the full benefits of yoga be enjoyed.

These nilambu notes will be small nuggets; subsequent issues will be half the length of this introductory edition and more substantive. nilambu notes will point you to other reliable resources to enable further investigation for those interested. The scope of nilambu notes includes:

  • History Understanding the evolution can validate your own personal yoga experience.
  • Customs Diet, lifestyle and breathing can all animate your endeavors in yoga.
  • Culture The philosophy can contribute to a better integration of yoga into other aspects of your life. Yoga can seem alien to Westerners, but the culture around yoga is not as foreign as you may think.
  • Literature The popularity of yoga generates lots of books and articles which feature this ancient practice. Reviews will assist you in discerning among the overwhelming resources.
  • Current Yoga Events Special yoga conferences and meetings will also be noted.

If you have any suggestions or specific questions for nilambu notes, please don’t hesitate to submit them.

I hope you enjoy receiving nilambu notes. If this e-newsletter was forwarded to you by a friend and you’d like to register your email address to get nilambu notes directly, click here.