Urban Yoga Retreat in Soho

Om Yoga coordinated with the Soho Grand for a fantastic fun weekend in New York City. Cyndi Lee’s vinyasa yoga style and Buddhist approach works wonders.

I know that personally and deeply. That’s why I studied for over nine months at Om Yoga to get my teaching certificate. I can’t recommend Om Yoga highly enough.

This weekend at the Soho grand is taught by OM yoga-NYC, directed by Cyndi Lee. Other Om Retreats around the country can be found here.

If you have time, you should check out the real thing at 826 Broadway (at 12th Street) on the 6th floor right above the another New York original, the Strand Bookstore, “18 miles of books.” Yeah, Om Yoga and the Strand is a heady nexus. Go there!

Details on the retreat in New York City can be found here. The retreat features plenty of outstanding yoga (restorative and some meditation too) as well as plenty of free time to enjoy the wonders of New York City.

NBC Nightly News’ Anne Thompson featured Om Yoga in a piece on the body-mind connection on Monday, September 20, 2004. To see the video clip, click here and then click on Using the mind to heal the body