Sangha Tomorrow Night

I got this email from the very knowledgable man, David Saul Raye, who taught me a Thai yoga massage workshop at the Yoga Journal conference in May last year. His website is Ritam Healing Arts. I am registered and looking forward to tomorrow night….

Join us from anywhere in the Universe on the auspicious night of ‘Shivaratri’ as we come together for our first Sangha gathering for 2012!

A special night of auspicious wisdom, meditation, chanting and the healing, connecting power of Sangha. This satsangh falls on the eve of ‘Maha Shivaratri’ one of the most sacred dates on the Yoga calendar. Traditionally it is a night that Yogin’s stay up late into the night doing sadhana (practice) to clear negativity and connect directly with Shiva- the intense, auspicous, causeless energy of existence or consciousness. This is also the last eve of the dark moon into the new moon and is powerful for healing meditation, chanting and prayer.

Saul will lead the call sharing teachings, including the significance of ‘Shivaratri’ as well as chanting mantra’s, meditation, prayer and inner reflection all connected to the powerful energy of Shiva. There will also be time for questions and sharing from participants. Please have a stable phone connection, a quiet space and if available; a candle or lamp to light, some flowers and/or rice to offer and a Mala (prayer beads).

We received such positive feedback for the Sangha calls from 2011, that we are continuing them into 2012. So many of you shared that it was a valuable tool for your practice and gave you a deep sense of connection to community and the Big Heart ! This year we will offer them on a donation basis to allow more people to join us.

UPDATE: A friend with me asked: “Did you know that on Shivratri devout hindu women go around, standing in long serpentine lines in order to pour milk over stone penises (lingam)? But, no worries, you can do it while I read my Steve Jobs autobiography or hit a local bar.” Okay, then, that adds some perspective on the festivities! I will report back.