Purposefully Going to a Good Space

If you read no further in this newsletter, at least click on the link below. Steadiness & Ease, from the latest issue Yoga & Joyful Living (formerly Yoga International), covers the breadth of yoga – including physical postures, promotion of vitality, nourishment and building relationships. The authors go back to the roots of Sanskrit woods (which I just love) to delve into the meaning and include some helpful sidebars.

One author, Dr. Robert Svoboda, is one of two leading Ayurvedic doctors in the USA. A few ideas may strike some as fanciful: “Never cook when you are angry, depressed, or frightened for you will transfer that negative energy into the food you are preparing.” (Actually, my meals have been looking pretty sad and pathetic lately). But most of the information, particularly the section, “On The Mat,” is very good. Reading this piece is a great way to start your year.

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