Political Yoga

Hmmm, another sign of the yoga into the mainstream – check out this paragraph from the The Week in Review – sorry Sunday Review today. In Frank Bruni’s Craven Political Crudités, he writes:

Buckle up, folks. This presidential race is shaping up to be an especially mean and mendacious ride, and not just because the two Republicans currently in the lead, Romney and Newt Gingrich, have demonstrated a formidable talent for improvisation , starting with thorough revisions of their own positions on health care, climate change and such. They’re a limber duo, primed to teach classes on political yoga. Gingrich’s wife probably gave him a Tiffany-bejeweled mat.

Okay – I had absolutely NO idea there was even such a thing as at Tiffany-bejeweled mat. Note: There isn’t such a thing. The link leads to a story about their revolving credit account there.

Phew! I meant if there really were such a thing….!