NPR Dives Into NYT’s Yoga Wreckage

So two NPR shows interviewed William Broad, the author of that fiery New York Times Magazine piece last month on Yoga (and how it can “wreck” your body).

The first is with Terry Gross of Fresh Air. I have not listened to this podcast yet.

The second is from Talk of the Nation’s Science Friday show. (You can listen there or read the transcript) John Dankosky interviews Mr. Broad. I’ve listened to this one, and while I may have been predisposed not to like him, I did not like Mr. Broad. He talks of the “yoga industrial complex which has economic incentive.”

I honestly don’t know what yoga planet Broad is on – yoga industrial complex? Seriously? After all, look what happens to greedy, Ayn Rand capitalists who try to sell selfishness to yogis and yoginis.

Listen to it for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.

Both are available on iTunes, too, for free download.