nilambu Founder Quoted in UPI

I spoke with a business reporter about the popularity of yoga, and this appeared last month:

“For me, as a teacher, the biggest challenge is broadening the scope of
yoga for Americans, who tend to view yoga as simply a physical practice or as
calisthenics with an Eastern tinge,” said Cassandra Metzger, a Washington,
D.C.-based yoga instructor. “The popularity of yoga is a mixed blessing. On the
one hand, many are venturing in who would never before consider yoga. On the
other, many often have misconceptions about the broad basics of yoga — from the
approach, the benefits, the history to the fundamentals.”

Noting that the interest in yoga has “just exploded,” Metzger added
that teaching yoga requires a great deal of training.

“I practiced yoga for eight years before training to be a teacher. The
training was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she said.

To see the full text, click “Soon Everybody Will Be Twisting” (United Press International News; Published 8/7/2004)