Mixing Yoga With Other Activities

This essay, Yoga Addict’s New Mantra: “Mix It Up” from the New York Times is cute. I also like it because it doesn’t make out yoga to be the end all and be all of everything.

Plus she describes astanga yoga this way –

It is widely believed to have been created for adolescent boys and tends to attract former drug addicts and Type A personalities;

which made me laugh out loud.

I will never forget the time I brought a girlfriend in Chicago to an astanga yoga class. The workshop was being held over a weekend and the first class was held Friday night. We met at a wine bar and as she slogged down not one but two classes of wine, I suggested gently she might now want to do that.

And at about the 20th jump through she sat in danasana and looked at me with a look that asked – “what did you get me into” We still laugh about that. I don’t think mixing it up is a recommendation for mixing astanga yoga with a cocktail!

This author, Deborah Schoeneman, after a decade of astanga yoga and a better practice than most, then added a private trainer. This is her story of what she discovered.