How to Eliminate Caffeine

Caffeine drips into my diet via chocolate. I’m not sure how much I get in my dark chocolate fixes, but I feel lucky not to be drawn to coffee every day. It’s evolved into a luxury I reserved for after dinner, when I’m dining with someone with whom I wish to prolong the time!

Why eliminate caffeine from your diet? Well, the kidneys and adrenals are depleted by caffeine as are numerous minerals.

But doing so is not easy to do – headaches, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings can ensue.

Yoga Journal offers some concrete counsel on how to kick a caffeine habit. Before changing anything they suggested adding a few items to your diet. One is yogurt or kefir and other is a bit labor intensive. Then a plan for the big day is suggested and to help with the transition, a peppermint infusion is said to help provide that wake up feeling without the caffeine.

I’m thinking of a few guys I know who are addicted to caffeine who will never do this, but I offer the link anyway. It may just work.