Ginger Clove Tea Can Warm You and Your Home

This tea is a favorite of mine, and more days than not, I’ve got it brewing on the stove. The first few sips can be strong. The ginger is an anti-inflammatory and can sooth stomach ails too. The recipe is an adaptation from the Ginger Tea I drank at my first yoga retreat at Parrot Cay. And I drank it constantly. For more on the benefits of ginger, click here. And my home always smells wonderful, too.

Here’s how I make it –

A large piece of ginger root (a little larger than the size of your hand)
5 or 6 whole cloves
A gallon of water
2 limes
Honey (optional)

First, wash the ginger root. Don’t peel it. It’s difficult to do and not really necessary. I dice up the ginger into about half inch pieces (about the size of a pinky nail) and put them in a pot with the water and the cloves. Sometimes as I’m dicing the ginger I find some more dirt in the , and I just rinse the piece off again. Then simmer and reduce the liquid until the brew is a nice caramel color. After you make it a few times, you’ll figure out what shade provides the strength of flavor you prefer. Adjust the amount of liquid or ginger accordingly. Sometimes I add more water when I’ve left it too long on the stove and start the reduction again (but by then my home smells wonderful).

To serve, I either use a French Press to filter out the ginger pieces and cloves, or I scoop out the liquid, avoiding the ginger, directly into a mug. I add the juice of one half lime per mug. You can add honey to taste. I used to add the honey, but I don’t any longer. Agave syrup or maple syrup is fine to use as a sweetener if you prefer as well.

And voila! A winter drink that’s healthy and yummy.