Fresh Ginger Ale!

One of my students knows I love and make my own ginger tea. I modified a recipe I got on my first yoga retreat to Parrot Cay – the retreat that changed my life as well as my palate.

Well, ginger is getting more popular and she sent along this New York Times article highlighting the trend of home made ginger ale – Ginger Ale Without the Can.

I couldn’t agree more:

But beyond current fashions, homemade ginger ale has a lively bite that is especially appealing as summer nears.

“It’s a very refreshing, vibrant feeling,” said Geoff Alexander, the managing partner of Wow Bao, part of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, the Chicago restaurant company.

Typically less sweet than store-bought sodas, the handmade ales get an added zing from fresh ginger.

Here’s a recipe to make Ginger Ale at home. Also from the New York Times.

Thanks Sara!