Escaping the Cult of the Average

Another great TED Talk. Descriptive and prescriptive. Really funny too.

Here are his five tips at the end on how to create lasting positive change:

  • 3 gratitudes – for 21 days, start to scan first for positive things in your world
  • journaling – about one positive in past 24 hours lets brain relive it
  • exercise – body learns that actions has consequences. behavior matters.
  • meditation – helps brain get over the cultural ADHD, allow brain to focus at a single task.
  • Random Acts of Kindness – conscious acts of kindness, one positive email to someone in your social support network/circle

Want to start implementing these into your daily life? Here is a free app, I Journal, to help you with that.

Here is an article Positive Intelligence he wrote featured in the Harvard Business Review earlier this year (January/February 2012 issues)