Colbert to Broad: You’ve Buried the Lead

I completely agree!

Colbert asks Broad “why write about yoga when you usually writes about infectious disease, nuclear jihad, the Challenger disaster?   What?  Slow news year?”

Colbert remarks and asks: “I see contortions that looks like an exercise for people in coach on an airplane.”   “What is a yoga butt? Is that true?” What’s good?

Broad answers: lifts mood, zips up your sex life, and great for health.

And then the interview takes off……

“Why didn’t you name it 2 to 3 hour orgasm?  Let’s move some paper, sir!”

Yes, instead of moving paper and selling the book based on fear, just saying.

They also talk of Bikram and why physicians are not fans.

These are facts and subjects I wish had been highlighted about of his book.

Thank you Colbert!