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Michael Bernard Beckwith Coming to DC

This weekend event in Washington looks like it could be good – A Weekend Workshop with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation.

It’s Friday night and all day Saturday, March 23-24th and being held at Unity Church on the 12th block of R Street, NW.

From the description —

Here is a chance to join this dynamic teacher as he shares breakthrough insights for navigating every stage of your evolutionary journey—and fulfilling your highest calling as only you can.

Beckwith has seen time and again what happens when people engage in the practice of Life Visioning. “When your thoughts and actions begin to align with the imperatives of your soul,” he explains, “you enroll the full support of the universe.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith’s gift is to reveal how we can answer these questions and live in sync with our inner calling through his Life Visioning Process— a method of deep inquiry and spiritual practice to enable our growth, development, and soul-level unfoldment.

This event is produced and sponsored by SoundsTrue. To me, that fact alone is an endorsement.

Local Web Site Helps You Go Green

For those in DC, Wednesday brings us the launch of Live Green.

Live Green is a local network organization that aims to

  • do the research and led you to locally available, high quality green goods and services,
  • provide tips for living green
  • help businesses adopt green practices

For more on Live Green’s services, click here.

The launch party on Wednesday, June 18th is at:

Local 16
1602 U Street, NW
Washington, DC

There’ll be live music. There’s a small fee, $13 ahead of time, $15 at the door (but RSVPs are requested).

Check it out.

America’s 2 Most Prominent Buddhist Teachers in DC

Well, aren’t we lucky?

Thanks to the National Cathedral, Robert Thurman and Sharon Salzberg are returning to the DC for a seminar on Working with Our Enemies: Finding Freedom from Hostility and Fear. What an appropriate subject for this age of fear and hostility.

Here’s an excerpt describing the subject:

Enemies—habitual, painful mind-states and people toward whom we steadily feel antipathy or fear—consume tremendous energy that we can liberate for powerful, healing change.

These pioneers in bringing Buddhist practices to the West guide us to explore our inner and outer enemies, and the stuck mode of “us” and “them” that constricts our lives. Through lecture, dialogue, and meditation practice, they show us the way toward the potential boundlessness of lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity—the four sublime states of mind known as the Brahma Viharas.

Format: both lecture and workshop.
Date & Time: Friday June 27th at 7:30 pm.
Saturday, June 26th from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Sponsor: Cathedral College
Location: the Kay Spiritual Life Center at American University (at Massachusetts and Nebraska Avenues).

It’s sure to fill up fast so register at the link above. It is possible to attend either Friday or Saturday or both. Special senior, student or limited income fees are available.

These are two great teachers. Salzberg books are well loved. I feature one on my web site:
Loving Kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness. Some find her writing too personal, too confessional. But I find her writing on Buddhist precepts to be practical, when other writers on the same subjects can be abstract or elliptical. As one intelligent friend remarked, it seems the counsel is simply: be truthful. Well, Salzberg provides further helpful guidelines.

I’ve never heard Thurman speak, but he is well-reputed as well. He teaches at Columbia University. He did have some recent notoriety in testifying against his daughter’s stalker and evidence some self-deprication, as reported in the New York Times back in April:

In spite of the stressful subject, their testimony was sort of a star turn for the Thurman parents, who gave a strikingly poised, sometimes compassionate and even humorous accounting of grappling with Mr. Jordan.

“I’m known as the father of Uma,” Dr. Thurman testified, with whimsical pride. “It’s my major accomplishment in life.”

Reading excerpts from 19 e-mail messages he received from Mr. Jordan, Dr. Thurman described his growing sense “not as a psychiatrist, but as a literary critic,” that Mr. Jordan was delusional. “I imagined us in a cave a long time ago, Shiva Parvati carved or mummified in that stone temple with the elephant outside of it,” Mr. Jordan wrote in one e-mail message, referring to a Hindu god and goddess that he equated with himself and Ms. Thurman.

“By this time I’m trying to remember the telephone number of the
F.B.I., frankly,” Dr. Thurman testified.

In one e-mail message, Mr. Jordan addressed Dr. Thurman as “Ten zen Thor man.” Mr. Jordan’s lawyer, on cross-examination, asked whether that might be a typographical error, derived from Dr. Thurman’s nickname, Tenzin, given to him when he was a Buddhist monk.

“Not likely,” Dr. Thurman said, adding that it seemed to him that “there was a mythic thing going on.”

If any of you register to go, please let me know!

Happiness Buddhist Spiritual Leader to Speak at French Embassy

Many of you may recall my review of Ricard’s book, Happiness in the last issue of nilambu notes last year. And now he is going to be leading a whole day seminar at the French Embassy, right in my neighborhood!

The day begins with a 30 minute social gathering, and builds from there. Discussion highlights the different paths to happiness, how to increase happiness and illumination about Tibet, a country that measures Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product. Should be an interesting day.

To see the full day schedule and register…

Foremost Christian Meditation Guide Comes to DC

If you’ve never heard Thomas Keating speak or read any of his writings, you are deprived. He is irreverent, real and entertaining, and lucky us, he is speaking on Thursday evening, March 15 somewhere in DC (tbd) sponsored by the Smithsonian Associates program.

Fr. Keating founded Contemplative Outreach and is very knowledgeable about the tradition of meditation and contemplation in the Christian faith. With his ministry and writing, he is really the proponent of the renewal of modern Christian meditation and will show you how the practice of meditation can enliven Christian spirituality.

For more info and to register….

Women Convene at Cathedral to Implement Love

Sacred Circles, a “celebration of woman’s spirituality” only comes around every two years. I attended for the first time in 2005 and wow, what an awesome experience. This year’s theme is “Implement Love.” No words can capture the joy and wonder of worship in the National Cathedral with those who gather for this event. And the individual break-out sessions address a wide variety of interests and needs.

Last time, I did yoga to the prayer of St. Francis of Assis, applauded Marianne Williamson as she acknowledged the distress of war and division, and expressed my admiration personally to Sharon Salzberg, one of my favorite mediation teachers and Buddhist writers.

This year Sharon Salzberg is back and other highlights include

  • Artist Karnamrita will chant devotional Vedic verses
  • Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, a South African, will describe the process of reconciliation to help us bridge our own divides
  • Carol Gallagher, a Cherokee Episcopal bishop, will highlight our connectedness to the living earth
  • Roberta Bondi will illuminate Julian of Norwich’s teachings on love

To find out more and to register…

Practice Yoga on the Washington Mall!

This Saturday the 20th on the National Mall, the Library of Congress sponsors the National Book Festival. (For more information on the line up of literary events, click here.)

Ah, but this e-newsletter is on yoga, and so I must let you know that the following weekend, on Saturday October 7th, DC’s own John Schumacher, one of the top Iyengar teachers in the US, will be teaching yoga on the Mall as part of a day long celebration of Eastern culture.

Show up at 8 am with your mat at the plaza in front of the Freer Gallery and be a part of history! All are welcome – absolute beginners to advanced. If rain falls, the event will be canceled. But let’s pray for sunshine! And if you plan to go, let me know so we can meet up.

For more on all the events associated with celebrating 100 years of Asian art at the Smithsonian…

Yoga Day USA!

Here are 10 top reasons to try yoga. Yoga Day USA is January 28th, and all over the country people will celebrate yoga.

nilambu is offering 2 special classes that day at 10 am and at 1 pm. Those who register will be eligible in a raffle for a free private lesson! Special information on yoga and stress reduction will also be distributed. Register early as space is limited in the nilambu classes.

For those who don’t live in the Washington DC area, you can find Yoga Day USA events in your area by clicking here.

Mariel Hemingway is the 2006 national spokesperson for Yoga Day USA and she says,

Yoga opens an awareness of your body and your mind that allows you to slow down and let go of stress. Give it a try. You’ll be back again and again.

I hope you’ll come by and give nilambu a try.

Natural High: A Yoga Vacation

Where: Lake Atitlan Guatemala
Teacher: Robin Carnes, RYT
Dates: February 11-18, 2006
Cost: $1495 includes everything but airfare

You’ll be spending 6 days and nights at Villa Sumaya Retreat Center, seductively located on the picturesque shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. With an uninterupted vista punctuated by three perfect volcanoes, Villa Sumaya is the ultimate high for people who love to bask in the beauty of Mother Nature. This unpretentious, thatch roof complex, offers comfortable elegant rooms, spacious gardens, a gorgeous yoga studio, restaurant/bar, hot tub, sauna, wellness treatments and more. Each room has its own verandah overlooking the lake. To see more about the beautiful setting, click here.

Yoga classes will be offered in the early morning, mid morning and deep relaxation sessions held every afternoon. All classes are suitable for beginners.

Your last day and night will be in Antigua, Guatemala — an ancient city overflowing with rich history and extraordinary beauty. Your accommodations in a classic, elegant hotel near the central square allow you easy walking access to explore this fascinating city.

Robin Carnes has been teaching yoga for 10 years and revels in the chance to bring great people to beautiful places for a retreat that will soothe your soul. Contact Robin directly for more details at and phone 301-587-1336. Or check out her web site, Pathways to Happiness.