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Client Testimonials

I have always wanted to get involved in Yoga but was reluctant because I was so out of shape. I have been attending nilambu classes for 7 months and absolutely love it! I have seen such an improvement in my flexibility and I also have become much more aware of my posture. Yoga has had a very positive impact both mentally and physically. – Carol Brouillette

Sign me up. Pretty much from now until I die. – Cissy Newbill

Our yoga classes are somehow relaxing and energizing at the same time. I always feel refreshed and recharged after a session. Cass gives us instruction in yoga discipline and philosophy and makes sure that we understand why we are doing the postures as well as how to do them. Her knowledge of yoga is only surpassed by her love of it and she shares both with her students. I truly love my yoga practice with Cass. – Ellen Spencer

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Cassandra’s approach to teaching yoga is genuine and multi-faceted. She understands the benefits of yoga and imparts her wealth of knowledge in a way that is authentic, challenging, and fun. Her adjustments are amazing and she has the gift for helping students achieve the maximum physical benefits in way that is gentle, supportive, and feels right. Her yoga feels good–physically and spiritually. – Christina

I tried a lot of different yoga studio in the DC area before I found nilambu. I love the small class sizes. I know that if I do something wrong she’ll see it and correct it on me. She’s also very intuitive and responsive to the needs and moods of the participants and readily adapts. She takes the time to get to know her students and doesn’t assume anything. Nilambu Classes can be hard work, but I always feel like I’m being pushed in a good way. It’s not just an exercise class that’s reproducing the busy part of my day, making my mind more frantic. The atmosphere is perfect for concentrating on a movement. I’m in good hands and can’t wait for classes to start again. – Carole