Calling All Dudes to Yoga

I love this piece 5 Reasons Why Dudes Should Do Yoga over at one of my favorite web sites –

I won’t spoil the piece and give you all 5 reasons here (4 and 5 aren’t relatable to me, but then I’m not a dude).

But here is the opening:

I’m not your typical yoga person. In fact, I don’t even come close to fitting the profile of a yoga person. First of all, I’m a dude. I’m tall (6’7″ to be exact). Yes, is the answer to your next question: I played basketball. I played for four years in college at Columbia, in New York City. I also was president of my fraternity.

Please click over to read the rest. Really. Especially if you’re a tall-ex-wall-street-trading-fraternity-boy-jock