A Mother’s Nurturing and Teaching

May 2007 bring you happy tidings and much yoga! I’ve got some great links to share with you and news about nilambu classes starting in February. I hope that yoga, in the physical sense but also in the meaning of unity, will be a part of your new year and that doing so will bring you equanimity and relief.

Also, many of you are aware that my mother died six weeks ago. I am very grateful for the sympathy and support from so many of you. She foremost taught me the value of community, and I’ve realized in the past weeks I’ve reaped the benefits of her teachings and priorities in the meaningful ways my own hamlet has helped me. Thank you.

Nurturing and teaching were tasks my mother knew and did well, and the importance of that noble profession will be recognized in her memory. For any who would like to make a contribution in her name, Oak Knoll School set up a memorial fund. The monies will be used to recognize the special service of teachers there, as teachers are too often undervalued. My mother served on the board of trustees, my sisters and I all graduated from there and my nine nieces and nephews are or will be enrolled.

Nine years at Oak Knoll built my character and taught me so much. The school was founded by the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus and is based on the principals of their founding mother, Cornelia Connelly. Click
here for more information her (Her custody battle with her husband is a fascinating legal case across national borders and involving the church) and here for information on Oak Knoll, including the address.

How can doing yoga postures bring equanimity and relief? First, yoga is not just the physical practice. Second, how you practice is integral to the effects. Equanimity, effortlessness, ease and elegance. Relief, release, respite and reprieve. These things are my wish for you in 2007. Try some yoga, at nilambu or otherwise, and enjoy the effects.

Namaste – Cassandra