A Contrary View to Lululemon Flap

Okay, well, this point is fair. This blog post responds to Lululemon’s Chip Wilson’s decision to tip his hand as a fan of Any Rand.

Leslie Kaminoff suggests we actually read the novels

I have read Atlas Shrugged five times, Fountainhead four times, and all of Ayn Rand’s non-fiction. As far as her more formal work on philosophy is concerned, I have had the privilege of personally studying with two of the top Objectivist scholars in the world. I have been contemplating and applying Rand’s ideas in every area of my life and career for four decades, and I’m well aware of the hard work it’s taken to forge a consistent world view in which the principles of Yoga are compatible with those of Objectivism. It wasn’t easy, but I did it, and I owe whatever success I’ve had in my life to the effort I put in.

He doesn’t really explain how he forged that integral and consistent world view, though, and I wish he had. Guess All Things Considered has found their Ayn Rand fan yogi (see link above)