Our Mission

Our mission is to help you befriend yourself. We create space for magic to happen and to radically expand your yoga practice. We promote the creation of a robust personal practice to support growth, movement and wellness.   We believe anyone can experience yoga’s benefits.

Our Principles

You don’t do poses :: They do you

You don’t meditate :: You enjoy space

Yoga is ecstasy (That’s from Vyâsa Yoga-Bhâshya 1.1)

And yoga is awesome (And that’s from the Jersey girl in me!)

Yoga awakens and heals

Yoga creates capacity and change

Yoga is not a mystery or only for models

Yoga is approachable and doable – for anyone

Yoga is mighty and magnificent

Yoga helps you befriend yourself and is your most reliable friend

nilambu is your matchmaker – matching you and yoga

As your teacher I will

  • assist you to find the best qualities in yoga for you
  • help you get to know and appreciate your body
  • adapt appropriate practices personally for you
  • connect your curiosity to answers and awareness
  • guide you to manifest your aspirations for your body, mind and soul
  • look forward to witnessing whole life makeovers through the magic of yoga

We also abide by California Code of Professional Standards