Client Praise

Client Praise

Spontaneous Utterances During a Session

My body has been jonesing for your yoga.
– Carol

Can I start drooling now?
– Olivia

All I need now is a Mai Tai with a really long straw.
– Anthony

Comments about Cassandra

We miss you; your classes were so athletic.
– Anonymous

Wonderful teacher – prepared for each class and personal attention to each student. Classes are varied and paced extremely well. Excellent equipment and props.
– Kate

Nilambu makes yoga very approachable and not at all intimidating – you find yourself in a little group with two or three like-minded people, and there’s a sense that whatever you do, or want to do, or can do is fine; sure, there are some suggestions for how a pose might be more comfortable, or might be better aligned; but, there’s no pressure or competition…Cass will hand you some extra blocks or bolsters or whatever if there’s a pose that might be challenging for whatever has you feeling off that day.
– Laura

I already have!  I tell them about the small classes and your focus for each class, your sense of humor and your teaching skills.
– Jan

How My Clients Feel After a Session

I feel less aggravated but I’m not sure if that’s because of restorative yoga or because I’ve been away from my (4) kids for an hour.
– Beatrice

Like I’ve had a workout on the cellular level. Sometimes I actually sweat too. It feels much more intimate (given the small class size and personal attention) than other yoga studios.
– Sally

Rejuvenated; optimistic; good about myself.
– Kate

– Maria

Like a new person. Invigorated.
– Carole B.

I look forward to the entire experience, it’s like a ritual: walking in, greeting and being greeted, the smell, all the blue and wood, the salutations, the warmth (literal and figurative), ending on a calm note, getting back in the car feeling stretched and accomplished.
– Laura

Usually very calm and limber…Always better off for coming to class!
– Jan